Best Bags for Travel to the Northern Areas

It is officially summertime! With schools being closed, it calls for a vacation for everybody. The ongoing pandemic has made international travel extremely hard, so the northern areas of Pakistan are everyone’s go-to places now.  Be it the beautiful valley of Kaghan or the snow-covered mountains near Hunza or the aesthetic Skardu, every place is jam-packed with tourists from all over. While all these picturesque places in the northern areas promise hundred percent safety for families as well as women alone, one cannot go on a trip without carrying the appropriate luggage. Some certain dos and don’ts need to be taken into account in order to avoid any hindrance on your trip.
Why is it important to have a good bag? It does not matter if it is your first time going on a trip or even if you are an experienced traveler, it is always beneficial to have a list of all necessities. Checking your luggage list makes you satisfied and ready for a smooth journey. Making a list will help you ensure that you have all the necessary items to be packaged, the items you will need to thoroughly enjoy your holiday, and the essentials for making your journey smooth. Also, an important part of an enjoyable trip is to bring the right bags. You do not want to be stuck with a very inconvenient and uneasy bag for the whole trip. Remember, the wrong bag can be a burden and hindrance in your way of fun.

Is bringing a backpack a good choice?
The key is to buy a bag that is spacious and has multiple compartments. Each destination has a different climate and you need to pack accordingly. You can bring a 4-wheel luggage bag, a duffel, a travel backpack, or a carry-on, each has its advantage. If you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors, going hiking or trekking to the fairy meadows then a big backpack would be more suitable than a suitcase.  Hiking on those steep mountain hills requires you to keep your hands free, so a backpack is perfect for that.  A good backpack comes with an audio pocket, multiple zips, a side bottle pocket, an anti-theft mechanism, and immense space. The security feature is a must because you do not want to go out exploring with a fear of theft poking at the back of your mind. Moreover, a backpack is ideal if you want to bring minimalistic stuff from your main luggage, it can hold all the basic necessities you need to survive a couple of days. Also, almost all backpacks nowadays have a padded laptop compartment so that is another advantage.

Hard-shell bags. a good choice?
Now let’s talk about luggage bags. It is no secret that a trip to northern areas can make you experience heavy rainfall and snowfall. Your luggage bags have to bear all these harsh weather conditions. Usually, when you go out on car trips, your luggage is safely strapped at the top of your car with a carrier. You need to have a bag that keeps all your belonging inside, safe and dry. These weather conditions are where hard-shell bags come into action. These bags promise a supreme level of durability. There were myths that hard shell bags crack or break overtime, however, the truth is far away from it. the modern hard-shell bags are made of softer, shock-absorbing material and are almost indestructible. These tough bags are ideal to store your delicate electronic gadgets as well as your shoes and clothes. Furthermore, these bags do not absorb mud or moisture so are extremely easy to clean and maintain. In addition, the multiple compartments help you keep everything organized. The easy handles and convenient wheels make dragging the bag very easy. also, the integrated lock, anti-theft zips, and anti-slash compartments make security guaranteed.

What are some essentials you need to bring on a trip?
While packing, some things are absolutely essential. According to the weather, you need a bag of toiletries, joggers, a sleeping mask, a tissue roll, sanitizer, and a first aid kit. The climate in the mountains is very dry so make sure to bring a moisturizer and socks with you. No one can survive without their mobiles and you do not want to miss clicking pictures just because you run out of batter. Remember to bring a power bank. a water bottle and a hoodie are some more essentials that you can throw in your bag.

Efficient and easy packing is what makes your trip enjoyable. If you want good quality and affordable bags then head over to Al Burhan luggage.