Product Code: Pw0004

 31,999 119,999


• ElastoMite™ polypropylene shell. Sector-optimised for durability, impact resistance, and weight.
• PowerGrooves™ shell surface structure. This surface structure helps us to maximise strength and minimise weight while looking discreetly spectacular.
• SuperSeal™ water-resistant shell interface keeps the wet out and the inside dry.
• Echolac Select 8trac™ wheel system with durable and quiet-running TPE tire surface.
• Echolac Select ErgoStop™ four-step pulling system and handle for easy ergonomically adapted height adjustment.
• Vault™ 3-point locking system with integrated Travel Sentry approved TSA Lock™.
• DeLux™ interior construction with packing straps the base, and fully integrated zipped mesh pocketed divider the lid.
• 5-year limited warranty. This warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, cosmetic damage, damage caused by third party handling, or damage to contents.

Dimensions: Large-76 x 53 x 29 cm / Medium-66 x 46 x 24 cm / Small-55 x 40 x 20 cm.
Weight: 4.9 kg / 4 kg / 2,9 kg.
Volu me: 100 L / 62 L / 37 L.
Material: Polypropylene.
Style: Fusion.

Dimensions: N/A



The all-new Echolac FUSION™ is in large part inspired by modern architecture, and the combination of beauty, strength and utility required and demanded in modern architecture.

The concept of FUSION has been driven by that inspiration in our work to create a vision of the future that is ready to use right now. For the FUSION project’s lead designer Marco Pulga and the entire Echolac design team including company President Elton Zheng, that has meant contemplating the very best ways in which we can take our materials and manufacturing capabilities to the very limit in creating and building a product that is beautiful, and truly better for its intended use.

FUSION™ minimises weight and maximises strength thanks to the manufacturing techniques used, and with the help of some of the very best in materials such as our high-grade ElastoMite™ polypropylene and precision aluminium.

The shell shape and design inside- and out is optimised in each and every sector, segment and element to be as light as possible while retaining strength and impact resistance.

Each element should do its part and add to the total power of the product to perform. That’s one reason why we call those raised elements on the surface PowerGrooves™.

Every component, such as wheels, handles and pulling system, has also been carefully developed and design-integrated into the whole for seamless fit and function giving us features like our SuperSeal™ water-resistant shell interface, and our bespoke Vault™ 3-point locking system.

The special colour concept we’ve developed for FUSION also reflects the inherent power and dynamic character we feel it embodies. We hope that the positive energy we’ve put into every atom of the case, together with the timeless minimalism of its colour and shape, will help make FUSION even that much better in doing its job as perfect travel equipment for you wherever you may be headed now and into the future.