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Introducing the Travolic  Hard Luggage Upright, a resilient, roomy, and easily maintainable travel companion. This luggage offers excellent protection for your attire during rainy weather and serves as a formidable barrier against bedbugs, enhancing your peace of mind during your travels. Crafted from lightweight materials with an anti-theft zipper.


Exceptionally durable and feather-light, this suitcase is meticulously constructed from top-quality polypropylene, a robust and impact-resistant plastic. It can endure the rigors of frequent use, demonstrating remarkable resistance to temperature and chemicals. Whatever you stow inside this luggage, you can trust it to remain secure and unscathed, regardless of how it’s handled at the airport.


Featuring a TSA combination lock, this case not only boasts durability but also top-notch security. With a 3-digit combination, you can safeguard your possessions without the burden of keeping track of a key. For those concerned about forgetfulness, it’s possible to save the combination in your phone contacts as the final three digits of a phone number.


Equipped with dual wheels, this luggage promises extended longevity and reduced strain on your shoulders and back. The recessed wheels allow the suitcase to be positioned sideways for efficient use of space. Its smooth gliding capability in all directions, debris-free design, and ample wheel height ensure that you can navigate puddles without your belongings getting damp. Whether you’re carrying a heavy load or not, this 360-degree rotation spinner luggage with eight wheels makes your travel effortless.


Travolic’s hard luggage range is a symbol of both style and durability, drawing attention wherever you go. With this luggage, fitting in extra shopping items during your travels will never be a concern—it’s already a favored choice among frequent flyers.


This luggage is perfect for various travel occasions, from weekend getaways to international trips, and makes for a thoughtful gift for family, friends, or loved ones on special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and celebratory events.

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