Travelling Gear for Hajj at Al Burhan Luggage

The blessed pilgrimage of Hajj approaches and pilgrims prepare in anticipation of the holy journey which is obligatory upon a Muslim at least once in his/her life. In this life-altering, spiritual journey which ensures your closeness to Allah in His lofty home, carrying the right luggage is crucial. Pilgrims make sure that they invest in luggage and travel accessories for Hajj and Umrah that is safe, secure and handy so they don’t have to worry about their prized possessions which include their travel documents and money.

Al Burhan Luggage brings you tried and tested hand carry options which are best for your Hajj pilgrimage. One very popular option is a cross body bag which will easily help your carry your passport and travel papers, cash and mobile. A combination of style and convenience, this durable PV leather bag is available at an amazing discount especially for Hajis at Al Burhan Luggage. Its multiple pockets and spacious interior with interlayers helps you organize your belongings and is perfect for men and women. In fact you will be able to use it during your entire trip in Makkah and Medina as it allows you to carry your Quran Majeed, prayers books, tasbihs, medicines and water bottle.

If you want to keep your shoulders free, you could even opt for a waist-belt pouch in a practical khaki color. Its many pockets and zips are ideal to organize your things including keeping your water bottle handy and keep your hands free. It also keeps you safe from pick in the crowds and allows you to focus on your prayers.

Another must-have item for your Hajj journey is a waterproof drawstring clinch bag in a non-woven polypropylene which is god-sent for a bit of extra storage, carrying and storing shoes or simply used as a light backpack. The fact that this sack pack is reinforced at stress points will allow it to be secure and not wear away or tear.

Visit the Al Burhan Luggage online store for a one-stop shopping experience for all your Hajj luggage, hand carry and travelling bags in Pakistan. From Regency, Brugi, Lojel, Conwood and Echolac, the best travel brands come together in Pakistan at Al Burhan Luggage.