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Echolac, a renowned brand hailing from Japan, is now available at Al Burhan Luggage, the official distributor of Echolac products in Pakistan. With a rich heritage spanning several decades, Echolac has established itself as a trusted name in the luggage and travel accessories industry.

Echolac is celebrated for its commitment to innovation, quality, and functionality. Their products are designed with precision, incorporating the latest advancements in materials and technology to ensure durability and user convenience. From luggage sets to backpacks, Echolac offers a wide range of travel solutions that cater to the diverse needs of modern travelers.

Al Burhan Luggage, as the authorized distributor, brings the essence of Japanese craftsmanship and reliability to Pakistani consumers. Customers can expect a wide selection of Echolac products, each characterized by its sleek design, robust construction, and attention to detail. Whether you're a frequent traveler or a casual explorer, Echolac's offerings at Al Burhan Luggage are sure to enhance your travel experience, ensuring your belongings are safe and secure during your journeys.

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Echolac Fusion Sale priceFrom Rs.31,999.00 Regular priceRs.40,000.00
Save 17%Echolac Eexcutive Business BriefcaseEcholac Eexcutive Business Briefcase
Echolac Eexcutive Business Briefcase Sale priceRs.18,999.00 Regular priceRs.22,999.00
Save 10%Echolac Office Business BriefcaseEcholac Office Business Briefcase
Echolac Office Business Briefcase Sale priceRs.17,999.00 Regular priceRs.19,999.00